What RetaDesk Can Do

  • Manages Stock & Inventory
  • Serial Products Management
  • Manages Suppliers

Manages purchases of the business
  • Manages Transactions with the suppliers
  • Manages Sales and Billing
  • Manages various types of payments
  • Sales, Purchase and Stock reporting
  • Manages Purchase & Sales Return
  • Manages Transactions with customers
  • Manages Customer’s Dues
  • Manages all records of all the customers
  • Helps predicting and handling customers
  • Analyze business flow
Manage Accounts

Manages all types of collections
  • Manages bank accounts and cheques
  • Banking transactions records
  • Expenditure Managements
  • Employee Management
  • Salary & Employee’s Loans management
  • Access Control
  • RMA & Servicing System

What Makes RetaDesk different

  • An impressive Due Management System
  • Keeping invoice pending & late approval

A complete return management for any kind of invoice payment
  • Payment system supporting any type of payment combination
  • Managing business with both cash & bank accounts
  • Customer’s behavior tracking & analysis
  • An smart customer management
  • Maintaining ledger for all the customers individually
  • Employee’s Loan Management
  • An smart way for product analysis

  • A complete reporting system combining all factors of the business
  • An innovative RMA and Servicing system is introduced in RetaDesk which will not only help you to manage them but also put a huge impact on your customer-relationship.

And a lot more.... Try it and feel the differences